what Matters When Purchasing An Industrial Autoclave

Purchasing industrial autoclaves is a significant investment for factories, so it is very important to work with the right autoclave manufacturer. We take great pride in autoclaves we manufactures and believe our products can bring benefits for clients. Some factors matter when purchasing autoclave machines.
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To consider autoclave diameter and length: our AAC autoclave is usually used by building material industry. Clients should have a clear idea of their annual production, then consider the autoclave diameter and length based on the actual need. If you do not know how to calculate, just leave us the detailed information of you plant, our engineer can work it out. Door-opening type of autoclave: generally the autoclave is divided into side-opening and top-opening, but according to its drive way, it can be manual drive, pneumatic drive, hydraulic drive and electric drive.
Industrial autoclave automation degree: manual drive autoclave is the cheapest but the most labor-cost and least effective one; Pneumatic and hydraulic autoclave are equipped with a set of computer automation control system, which is fully automated operation, saving labor costs for the user, but it is relatively expensive.
Autoclave pressure and medium are also important factors to consider. Different application like cement pole, sand lime brick, aac block, phc pile, fly ash brick, gypsum board, these production lines need different work pressure, so as to better steam-curing the products.
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During the building material production, expect for the AAC autoclave, steam boiler is also a necessity. Steam boilers are used for providing high temperature and high pressure steam to autoclaves, so that the steam-curing can be processed to improve products performance. Contact us to get your tailored program for your project!
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