What Cause CFB Boiler Coking

Circulating fluidized bed boiler to the large, high-parameter development has been the general trend, but problems such as wear and tear, seals, coke are still existed in the boiler operating. Of which, the coking is a big problem that usually taking place during boiler running.
cfb boilers
150 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler for power generation
Circulating fluidized bed boiler as a common power boiler equipment, coking is one common phenomenon during operation. There are many reasons causing coke, but coking is usually caused by its structure or improper operation. For example, unreasonable boiler installation structure, wrong heat surface arrangement, air distribution for hood and air distribution plate is uneven, too low air speed, all these problems in structure will cause a CFB boiler coking problem.
Improper operations also cause the boiler coking: too low or too high dense phase zone temperature, coal feeding is not even, air and coal ratio is not good, too much cold ash, etc. In addition, if the coal fuel is not screened carefully, leaving too many stones and other debris mixed with the fuel, or larger particle, too much powder, too much water, it is very likely to coke.
280 ton cfb boiler
280 ton CFB boiler for thermal power plant
Our circulating fluidized bed boilers are manufactured using high grade raw materials to ensure their long service life and optimum performance. In our circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers, fuels are burned in suspension of hot bed material consisting of sand, ash and additives. The hot sand effectively dries and ignites even demanding fuels with low heating value or high ash content and various combinations of them. Strong turbulence and good mixing result in high combustion efficiency and low emissions. Till now, there are over a thousands of our CFB Boilers using in thermal power plant, utility, steel & iron plant, chemical industry, paper plant, textile mill, and other fields in different countries.
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