Steam Boiler and Autoclave for 100000m3 AAC Plant

Recently, an Indian client inquired of boiler and autoclave for AAC plant. They are planning for an AAC plant with annual capacity of 100000 m3, and they are looking for steam boiler and autoclaves. Then what are the right equipment for a 100000 m3 AAC Plant?

4 ton coal based steam boiler

Steam boiler is to provide steam for autoclave steam-curing. One set of 4 ton steam boiler can generate sufficient steam for the AAC plant with annual capacity of 100000 m3. Our DZL type coal boiler is packaged chain grate boiler, easy to transport and install, compact in structure to save large footprint, which can meet client’s need.
4 ton coal fired steam boiler
4 ton packaged coalfired steam boiler

2m*31m top-opening autoclaves

Autoclaves are the necessary equipment in an AAC plant. AAC Autoclave is also known as steam curing autoclave reactor, to steam the pressurized bricks aac blocks, flyash bricks and other building materials, the reaction of CaO-SiO2-H2O is completed inside the pressure vessel, to improve products performance. For 100000 m3 AAC Plant, we recommend 4 sets of 2m*31m top-opening autoclaves.
autoclave for aac plant
top-opening autoclaves for AAC plant

Necessary equipment list for 100,000 m3 AAC Plant 

No. Main Equipment Quantity
DZL4-1.6 coal fired steam boiler
1 set
Ф2.0×31m Autoclave
4 sets
3 Jaw Crusher 1 set
Ф1.5×5.7m ball mill
1 set
5 Pouring Mixer 1 set
100m3 Material Tank
3 sets
6×1.2m Mould Car
8 Lateral Plate 174 pieces
6m cutting machine
1 set
10 Ferry Cart 1 set
11 Turning Crane 1
12 Twin Beam Overhead Crane 4
13 Autoclaved car 42
14 Ground Tractors 12
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