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I mounted our Eberspacher diesel heater directly on the floor and yes you have to pay attention to sealing the floor penetrations well but you would anyway to prevent the ingress of water and dust as well as the exhaust gas. It was mounted under the sink area

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Installing a boat heater Winter is an ideal time to have a boat heater installed. It can make chilly mornings a thing of the past, with the promise of snug evenings aboard in a deserted anchorage. And if you’ve laid your boat up for the winter, stripping out cushions and

Mini-Pack Semi-Instantaneous Potable Water Heaters.

All solid non-ferrous construction on potable water side. Solid austenitic stainless steel shell with copper tubes Vertical or horizontal models available Tube bundle readily accessible without moving heater, shell or foundation (excluding double-wall vertical model)

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For caravans, a diesel tank must be installed but for the majority of motorhomes, the heater can source its diesel fuel from the existing diesel fuel tank. Before considering a diesel heating system, you need to make sure that you have a space big enough in the RV to install the unit.

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Twister II Twister is a fully room-sealed stainless steel condensing high-efficiency water heater (93% gross). Plug-and-Play technology; connect air inlet, exhaust outlet, water, electricity, and gas, set the temperature and the system functions properly.

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Even if your vehicle runs off gasoline / petrol it might be worth considering a diesel heater. Diesel is a safer fuel source than gasoline and most of these products come with the option of having a compact dedicated diesel tank which can be installed inside your

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Installing a tankless water heater in your RV actually involves mounting your chosen unit, connecting gas, water, and electricity lines, and installing the flue. It should be noted, though, that while you can manually do the mentioned steps yourself, it is a bit hazardous if you do not do it properly and you are unfamiliar with the whole process.

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Speedheat 5kW Instant Water Heater Shower Head This electric unit has been redesigned with an enclosed stainless steel sheathed element for use in all conditions of water. This latest design has been tested and approved to the European Standards

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Diesel air heaters If youre travelling through the outback in your caravan, youll not want to take the risk of getting cold when the sun goes down. While rural Australia bakes by day, temperatures can drop like a stone at night, and thats where this range of diesel air …

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Using a water-resistant terminal housing, these industrial heaters come in many shapes and sizes to fit within your tank dimensions and specifications. Wattco over the side heaters are custom designed with multiple tubular elements and a thermowell to hold

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