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We are one of the major manufacturers and exporters of quality package boiler in the market. Generally, our package boiler can be divided into two types: package gas oil boiler and packaged chain grate boiler.
Packaged gas oil boiler
packaged gas oil boiler
There are fire tube gas oil boiler and water tube gas oil boiler. The WNS series is horizontal fire tube package boiler, the flue gas travels through the tubes, which are surrounded by hot water. The firetube boilers are designed with three-pass and wet-back. The SZS series is double-drum water tube boiler, safer by design and generally can operate many years longer than firetube boilers. Watertube boilers are available in larger capacities and recover faster than firetube boilers.
package gas oil water tube boiler
Packaged chain grate boiler
The packaged chain grate boiler is DZL series, one-drum, which can burn coal, biomass or co-firing coal and biomass. It features a large water capacity allowing it to satisfy high demands for steam in a very short time. The large evaporation of water droplets even during repeated demands for steam as often happens during industrial use. The quality of the steam produced is very high as the saturation value is close to one: the paricularly “dry” steam allows remarkable energy savings and reduces the returns in the boiler bythe use of condensation dischargers fitted on the unit.
packaged chain grate boiler
Package boiler manufacturer and supplier
Our packaged boilers have robust welded construction and designed in accordance with the international standards like ASME, ISO, IBR. The packaged boilers are generally small capacity to meet small and medium factories’ needs. For larger need, we have field assembled boilers like waste heat boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler up to 280TPH to meet larger production need.
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