Oil Fired Central Heating Boiler Advantages

Oil fired vacuum hot water boilers are generally used in hotels, hospitals, universities, communities, buildings for central heating. Compared with other oil fired hot water boiler, the vacuum type oil hot water boiler has overwhelming advantages that are preferred by users.
oil fired vacuum hot water boiler for heating

Oil fired vacuum heating boiler structure

The oil fired vacuum boiler’s half bottom is similar with ordinary boiler, combined with combustion chamber and heat transfer tubes. The inner part is the media hot water, and rest empty part is air, with an U tube works as heat exchanger. As it runs in the condition of negative pressure, it absolutely ensure the safety. The media of hot water with no increase, reduce in or out, it transfers the power with U tube and heat change.

Oil fired central heating boiler advantages

Safe and Reliable: vacuum hot water boiler because of its medium circulation system pressure below the atmosphere pressure. Unit running internal absolute pressure is 0.02-0.08 Mpa, so there is no explosion and it is absolutely safe.
Long life: an ordinary industrial hot water boiler life is generally about 8-10 years, while no scaling occurs inside the boiler, the life of oil fired heating boiler is generally 1.5 to 2 times than the life of normal boiler.
High thermal efficiency: boiler adopts the three-pass structure, the second return pipe with threaded smoke pipe, heat transfer enhancement, the third return pipe using the smooth pipe, reduce flue gas flow resistance. Large heating surface, low temperature heat medium, large temperature difference, the exhaust gas temperature is low.
Energy conservation and environmental protection: complete combustion of fuel, low dust emissions, secondary combustion; effectively inhibited NOX generation; burning low noise, low back pressure in chamber.

Gas & oil fired vacuum boiler manufacturer

Expect oil-firing, the heating boiler can burn gas, or duel fuel(gas and oil burning). For its safe and clean, vacuum hot water boilers are increasingly taking up the heating market in China. For more vacuum hot water boiler information, please contact 
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