Low NOx Combustion Technology for Industrial Boilers

Low emission technology is developing and using in industrial boilers for green environment. We manufacture low NOx boilers to improve boiler performance by constantly incorporating new technology into our products.
low NOx CFB boiler
Low NOx Burner
Low NOx type burners control the strength of the fuel mixing with the combustion air and realize fuel rich region locally in the process firing fuels. The split flame type burner is of off-stoichiometric firing type and is only adopted in firing fuel oils. Dual Flow type low NOx burner is of an aerodynamically mixing control type and is used for all fuels.
Combustion Modification
The air staging and the flue gas mixing technologies are adopted to reduce NOx emissions in the combustion modification. On staged firing, a part of combustion air is branched from the stream to the burner firing system, and introduced to the furnace through OAP’s (Overfire Air Ports), distributed at the down stream of the burner region. Consequently, fuel rich firing will be realized by air staging and NOx formation will be then reduced. The flue gas mixing technology gives the decrease of the flame temperature. Thermal-NOx originated by molecular nitrogen in the combustion air, is significantly reduced by lowering flame temperature, while fuel-NOx, originated by fuel-bound nitrogen, is insensitive to flame temperature. This system needs a fan for recirculating the flue gas.
Low NOx Boiler for sale
Low NOx Boilers can burn biomass fuels, woody fuels, forestry residues, mill residues, agricultural residues, urban wood and yard wastes, biomass crops, heavy oil, diesel oil, city gas, and natural gas. More green boilers, please contact us!
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