How to Solve Coking Problem of Coal Fired Boiler

What is boiler coking?

In the boiler furnace center, the combustion flame temperature is usually between 1500 ~ 1700 ℃. The ash in fuels at such high temperatures mostly are melted into a liquid or softened state. Due to heat absorption of water-cooling wall, the closer to the water wall, the lower the temperature is. Under normal circumstances, ash should transform from liquid to soften and then into solid state. But if it touches heating surface in a soften state, ash will cohere to it due to cooling, and form boiler coking.
coal fired boiler bi-drum

Bad affects of coal fired boiler coking

The phenomena of coking may lead to membrane water cooling wall produce slag and cock, and lower the work efficiency; if the whole membrane water wall has coking problem, it must be shutdown and process cleaning; It interferes with heat transfers and cause hot spots leading to local overheating; Easy to cause accidents during operation, and shorten boiler service life.

Measures to solve coal boiler coking problems

1. Optimization of industrial coal-fired boiler air distribution mode, the organization reasonable and good aerodynamic field inside the furnace is the premise of preventing coking, before starting the unit to cold air dynamic field test of boiler, through experiment to find reasonable air distribution mode of the burner and the best internal and external wind baffle position, make the furnace organize good aerodynamic conditions, to ensure the safe, stable and economic operation of the boiler.
2. Change the fuel ash melting point features, different coal blending, in order to adapt to different types of boiler combustion, ZBG chain grate coal-fired boiler using inverted “a” furnace arch technology, former arch high and short, low arch after long, wide applicability of coal.
3. Adjustment of fuel coal fineness, separator baffle opening, the pulverized coal fineness in the economic and reasonable scope, to prevent coal coarsen and uneven.
Coking in coal fired boilers might be very dangerous if not timely solved. ZBG Boiler suggests that your boiler should be inspected and maintained periodically in case of accidents. As a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of industrial boilers, we offer you excellent coal steam boilers and hot water boilers with great overload ability and wide coal fuel flexibility. Welcome to consult coal boiler price for your project! E-mail: 

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