How To Ensure Coal Steam Boiler Security

Coal fired steam boiler is a key heat equipment in manufacturing industry. To reduce accidents and ensure security, we remind you of some notices during boiler operating.
coal fired steam boiler
Regular inspection:
Just like people need to receive health examination in case of health problems, the boiler products also should process regular inspection, especially when the heating season is over. Professional inspectors inspect the boiler body and its every spare parts, so that they can find out which part should be repaired or replaced.
Baking the boiler:
For the stop-running coal fired boiler, before its re-starting, baking is very necessary. Baking can dry its inside moisture. Usually this work will last four or five days. If we do not baking in advance but directly operate, the boiler furnace and arch are easy to experience cracking and even collapsing, then boiler accident occurs.
Clean and clear:
Due to the large amounts of salt materials, gas and kinds of suspended solids containing in boiler feed water, problems like sedimentation, corrosion occur and affect boiler running efficiency. What’s more, these problems bring heavily harms on boiler security. Therefore, coal fired steam boiler needs periodical clean and clear, which can improve boiler efficiency and prolong its life span.
We know the cost of boiler equipment not only refers to itself price, the follow-up cost takes up a big part. If the product goes wrong, users need spend much on its repair or replacement; but if you can pay some attention to its daily maintenance, find the problem and repair it timely, big money is saved!
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