Fuel Gas/Diesel/Heavy Oil 70bhp Steam Boiler

EX Dual Fuel Industrial Steam Boiler | Miura America Co. Ltd.

The Miura EX Series steam boilers, with gas and oil fuel options, are ideal for hospitals and other facilities that are required to have a secondary fuel source.

Chapter 3 The fuel effect: What is being burned matters

Both residual and distillate fuel oils are liquid fuels derived from petroleum. In the … Heavy residual oils are so viscous that they are solid at room … Natural gas is the cleanest of the fuels typically used for residential and commercial space heating—when burned in a boiler it produces much lower emissions than either.

Electric Boiler Advantages Over Gas and Diesel – Reimers …

Electric Boilers have advantages over traditional gas and diesel fired boilers. … on boilers require a fuel supply line, and a tank if diesel, propane, or heating oil is … The Reimers Electra Steam model pictured is a self-contained electric boiler.

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