Design of 58MW CFB Hot Water Boiler

Industrial CFB boiler has a higher efficiency on power generation and it has been used in the world industry for cogeneration. A 58MW CFB hot water boiler is operating well in a thermal power plant. Let’s see some design specifications of the CFB boiler.

58MW hot water boiler design specification:

Rated thermal power: 58MW
Rated outlet water pressure: 1.6MPa
Rated outlet water temperature: 130℃
Rated inlet water temperature: 70℃
Cold air temperature: 20℃
Discharge flue gas temperature:143℃
Designing efficiency: 86.2%
58mw cfb hot water boiler
This CFB boiler has some requirement about fuel particles. Fuel size generally require no more than 30 * 30 * 10mm; full moisture typically require no more than 35%, the maximum does not exceed 40%, the press molding fuel, size typically require no more than 20 * 20 * 10mm. The total moisture of the molding fuel is generally not more than 15%, the particles should not exceed 30% of the diameter of less than 2mm and a thickness of 5 to 10 does not exceed 20% of the amount of total straw.
The 58MW CFB hot water boiler can burn biomass fuel and anthracite coal together. The specific fuel composition is:
Car= 39.51% Har=5.61%   Oar=34.97%  Nar=0.75%
 Sar=0.19%   Aar=11.24%  War=7.73%
We can manufacture CFB hot water boilers from 14MW to 168MW with a wide fuel range. Expect for the 58MW hot water boiler, we also have other projects, like 14MW, 29MW, 36MW, 46MW, 91MW…116MW hot water boilers for heating, industry production or thermal power plant. If you want to know more about our CFB hot water boiler
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