Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel/Titanium Spiral Cooler for Ammonia Phenol


is 1.7 times the cost of a mild steel tank (which is shown on the chart). These factors have also … Mild steel construction; Cascade cooler. 2 in. diameter pipe. -. ,– … Stainless steel 2.1. Copper alloy. 1.3. Nickel alloy. 2.6. Titanium. 6.0 … Heat Exchangers: Spiral. Plate and … Assumed. Plant Costs, Ammonium CompOunds. 40.

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Welcome to the premier industrial Ammonia Condensers resource. … Stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, Monel®, nickel, Inconel®, alloy, Hastelloy®, titanium … Types of heat exchangers include helical coil, spiral tube & tube-in-tube. … Available as Wet Surface Air Coolers™ (WSAC) evaporative coolers or condensers.

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Colmac air-cooled jacket water coolers with low speed fans offer high energy efficiency … Spiral & IQF Evaporators … VFD compatible fan motors; Tubes available: Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, cupro-nickel; Fins available: stainless steel, copper, polycoat aluminum; Baked phenolic … ADX® Low Charge Ammonia.

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Stainless Steel. Hastelloy Inconel. Elgiloy. Carbon. Steel. Aluminum. Titanium Brass … Acid, Cresylic (Alkyl Phenols). A … Ammonium Chloride (Sal Ammoniac).

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Acid Gas CO2 Cooler Condenser in Ammonia Plant of a. Fertilizer Unit, 148. 26 … from plain carbon steels through stainless steels, copper-based alloys, and.

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cooling of a fluid stream of concern and evaporation or condensation of single- or … gen, ammonia gas synthesis). … Heat transfer rate associated with a spiral tube is higher than that … common plate materials are stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316) and titanium. … Common metals used are carbon steel and stainless steel.

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Carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber-lined steel, and premium alloys, once standard … The moisture and oxygen rich environment of cooling towers creates a … Ammonia is an active compound which readily dissolves in water to form ammonium hydroxide, … Titanium holds up well provided the chlorine is wet, but if the.

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For outdoor use, stainless steel, brass or plastic cased gauges are recommended. 4. … Silicone for larger temperature extremes and Halocarbon® for use.

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Jan 28, 2011 … formed in phenol coolers, and deposits formed during cooling of mixtures of substances such as … Titanium oxide. Wax … High turbulence and scrubbing action minimize fouling on the spiral plate exchanger. This … Ammonia (oil bearing). 1.75–3.5 … that are insoluble in HC1 on carbon steel and stainless.

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Pollutants of Concern, Steel Finishing Subcategory – Carbon and Alloy … for the Integrated and Stand-Alone Hot Forming Subcategory – Stainless Steel … to permit the reclassification of noncontact cooling water flows contaminated with significant … PSES except that the promulgated ammonia-N and phenols (4AAP).

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