Biomass Boiler With Sawdust in Sri Lanka

Waste biomass is always generated during the production process in industries. Most industries deal with the biomass waste by sending them to the landfill or burn it in the open field. While this measure does great source waste and environment pollution, the biomass waste has potential in using as fuel or co-firing with coal to save fossil fuel and also decrease CO2 and SOx emissions. In developed countries, like America, Canada, Australia, biomass firing boilers are preferred in manufacturing industries and utilities. Some rich biomass source countries, like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, factories there also use biomass fired boilers.
sawdust biomass steam boiler
saw dust biomass power plant boiler 

Sawdust fired boiler in Sri Lanka

According to a report, there are more than 400 saw mills in Sri Lanka. The number of major sawmills is about 380 and minor saw mills is about 500. Besides, there are about 680 mills owned by furniture manufactures there. The rest of the saw mills are based on manual sawing. Around 55% of the sawnwood are produced at major sawmills with an average annual output of 750m3 per mill.
However, only a small amount of sawdust is used in manufacturing industry as a heat resource; most of them is freely available in large heaps around the sawmills creating disposal and environmental problems. But actually, sawdust has great potential in being a heat source. For example, we design a type of biomass fired boiler that burning sawdust as fuel to generate heat and power.
Biomass fired boiler with sawdust in Sri Lanka is used in companies that need  steam, hot water and power. According to client need, we have the packaged biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler and biomass power plant boiler. For some large scale project, the biomass CFB boiler co-firing with coal fuel is applied.
Sri Lanka biomass boiler cooperation
Sri Lanka Mega Ten 2*15MW biomass power generation project

Biomass power plant boiler project in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country owning rich biomass sources, expect for sawdust, the sugarcane bagasse, stalk and cob, coconut shell and husk, paddy husk are very abundant. The government encourages to utilize the bio-waste and companies also recognize the great benefits in using waste biomass. Our company has ever cooperated with Sri Lanka companies. In 2012, we took apart in Sri Lanka Mega Ten 2*15MW biomass power generation project. And several months ago, clients from Sri Lanka visited our company again to discuss further cooperation.
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