75 TPH CFBC Boiler Steam and Water System

The 75 Ton CFBC boiler adopts new CFB technology, the structure is simple and compact, similar to pulverized coal fired boiler structure. It is designed with turbo-generating set and matching steam turbine for starting and operation with cyclone separator for material circulation and balanced ventilation. And the CFB boiler is comprised of combustion equipment, coal feeder, water-cooling system, and high temperature cyclone separator, super heater, air heater, steel structure, stairs and furnace walls. This paper mainly discusses its steam and water system.
CFBC Boiler Steam and Water System
The 75 ton coal fired CFB boiler water system is according to different requirements in different parts of the instrument layout of the various functions of measuring points. Pressure steam pipe measuring points are in place to monitor pressure gauges, the other for pressure measurement points are to a valve, the user may require configuration control instruments, both of which place pressure monitoring for the other pressure measuring point the user can By detection, protection, regulation, and different requirements lead to everywhere.
75 ton cfbc boiler
Maintain the natural circulation drum boiler normal water level is a necessary condition for safe operation, usually set a certain number of water levels as a monitoring tool. Place to monitor the water level in the boiler drum used in color on the ends of the cylinder water level, water level of the visible height of 550mm. Each level gauge can be equipped with a TV monitor before the device can be used to monitor the switching device staggered ends of the drum water level. The center of the cylinder on the drum set a water level gauge for electric contact with the water level monitoring and alarming, when the water level of protection than limited value, the boiler automatically splitting; but can also shutdown the drum full of water to meet the testing requirements.
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