4 Ton Chain Grate Boiler Water Cooling System

SZL4-1.25-AⅡ.P water tube steam boiler is bi-drum chain grate steam boiler with rated steam capacity 4t/h, rated steam pressure 1.25MPa, and steam temperature 194°C. A chain grate boiler mainly consists of water cooling system, boiler furnace and combustion system. This paper will discuss its water cooling system.
4 ton chain grate boiler
4 ton coal fired boiler water cooling system contains front and rear arch tube, side water cooling wall, convection tube, up and down boiler drum, downcomer, and header.
1. Boiler drum: the upper boiler drum diameter is 900mm, length is 5020mm. Lower boiler drum diameter is 900mm and length is 3082mm. All the materials are Q245R. Upper and lower drum center distance is 2000mm. The upper drum is on the water cooling wall and convection tube; inside the boiler drum, there are pores board, underwater plate, grid plate and surface sewage device. The lower boiler drum is connected with chassis through drum supporting, and sewage device is inside it.
2. water cooling wall: both sides of the furnace use membrane water wall structure, the tube isφ51 × 4 with a pitch of 100mm. The front and rear water-cooling wall is composed by 32 tubes ofφ51×3, and the pitch between tubes is 110mm. Actually the water cooling walls are extending downward and forming high and short front arch, low and long rear arch, reaching 80% total coverage.
3. Reburning chamber: both sides areφ51 × 4 membrane water wall tubes that connecting upper boiler drum and two sides headers with tube spacing of 100mm. There are total 16 tubes affixed to the back wall connecting between the upper and lower drum. Transverse tube spacing is 110mm and diameter is φ51 × 3.
4. Convection bank: there are 320 φ51 × 3 tubes between the upper and lower drum to form convection tube, and a wall is built between convection tube bank to prevent flue gas, making the gas rushing bank in the S flue gas pipe.
5. Economizer: economizer adopts finned cast iron economizer, there are total 64 economizer tubes ofφ56-2.5-1500. Water flows into economizer via water inlet, finally through outlet pipe flows into drum.
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